It can be difficult to find a really good guest worship leader when you need one, right?

Someone who…

•connects with your congregation and works well with your musicians/techs
•leverages strong musical, leadership, and communication skills to point people to Jesus
•understands your unique church music culture

That kind of person is pretty rare!

As a local church worship pastor for many years, I know first-hand the importance and challenges of finding solid worship leadership when you need it (such as when your main worship leader is out of town or you’re between worship leaders). That’s why I have such a passion to do a GREAT job for you when I come to lead worship!

Let’s talk today about making the worship at next service or event fantastic: Call 530-207-9875 or email peterneumannmusic@gmail.com.


Curious about the process?

I work closely with you to make sure the musical worship time at your church service or event is exactly what you’re looking for. Here are the main steps:


We have an initial conversation that helps me discern the nuances of your particular situation.


In the lead-up to the event we dialogue about the worship set and I work with you and your team (admin, musicians, tech) to refine the plan and communicate with everyone involved.


We pull off a service or event where your people really engage in worship and your teams have a great experience!

Let’s talk today about your upcoming service or event!